Contador Crashes In Spain

If you have been following the Vuelta a Espana cycling event in Spain, you would have heard of the narrow escape between Alberto Contador and Chris Froome. This would be the third crash that Alberto has experienced this year. Chris Froome avoided the crash narrowly. Jonas Van Genechten won the seventh stage and Darwin kept up the lead overall at such a position. Contador had started off at 1 min 52 seconds count in the general category. The race was miserable for him that day. He fell and clashed his wheels as a left hand turn came on. At that time there was about 500m to complete.

Even if he did fall down, he did finish the stage. Being 33 years of age, he was able to make up as the incident happened when there was 3 km remaining in the race. Due to the clash Atapurna, Nairo Quintana and Froome were detained. Though they lost their position at the front of the race, they gained the stage win position and gaps remained unchanged. Contador stated that he was positioned well for the turn, but there was suddenly someone on the road who had not used their brakes and that is when he went down. He was feeling sore as his left side was cut and his wrist was injured.

Jonas meanwhile reached the victorious position in stage seven. Van Genechten started off his sprint early that day and completed the uphill finish well. He beat Daniele Bennati to the second position and Alejandro came into the third position. Valverde has been able to retain his second position overall and has cut across Atapurna’s lead by a time interval of 24 seconds. Froome stated in the third position while Quintana remained in the fourth position. Contador has definitely had a difficult summer this year.